Soy protein concentrate (SPC)

CJ Selecta SPC is the highest quality soy protein concentrate available on the market.

In the SPC manufacturing process occurs:

  • Removal of anti-nutritional factors from soy;
  • Increased protein content (over 60%);
  • Significant improvement in protein digestibility at levels above 90%.

Due to these main characteristics, SPC is recognized as the best vegetable protein to replace fishmeal in aquaculture diets.

SPC is widely used in the feeding of young animals (such as piglets, chicks and Pets), as well as in the formulation of feed for other species and categories of domestic animals.

Advantages of SPC

  • High protein content
  • High digestibility
  • Better intestinal integrity
  • Positive impact on intestinal microbiota
  • Improvement in animal performance
  • Low ash ratio: Crude protein
  • High standard of uniformity
  • Availability and offer guarantee
  • Renewable resource with expansion capacity
  • Replaces fishmeal in aquaculture diets
  • Low price variation
  • 100% safe in the presence of heavy metals, mycotoxins, salmonella
  • Environmentally friendly


X-SOY products from CJ Selecta are excellent quality protein sources

With a focus on young animal nutrition and aquaculture, the X-SOY products line was specially developed to meet different applications in animal nutrition.


According to scientific data and experience with our customers, X-SOY products have specific recommendations, depending on the animal species, age or breeding system.


X-soy 600

X-soy 200










Pet food

Dairy Cattle








Broiler Chicken







X-SOY 200 is the micronized SPC of Selecta

The ingredient has a controlled particle size, less than 180 microns. X-SOY 200 is especially used as a source of high digestibility in piglets nutrition. The product is also suitable for use in shrimp, fish and pet food diets, in which high-quality, fine-grained proteins are required.


  • Controlled particle size: 95% less than 180 microns
  • Superior digestibility
  • Crude protein greater than 60% (Natural base)
  • Free of anti-nutritional factors
  • Standardized and stable quality
  • Constant supply throughout the year, without seasonality


Replaces soy bran

  • Improves villus height and crypt depth in piglets' instestines

Replaces blood plasma

  • Without any detrimental damage to zootechnical performance
  •  There is no risk of contamination with viruses and bacteria
  •  Excellent cost-benefit ratio


X-SOY 600 is a highly digestible protein source

The ingredient is free of antinutritional factors, it is used worldwide as an economically viable solution for high performance nutritional programs, such as nutrition of fish, shrimp, piglets, chickens and PETs.


  • Crude protein level greater than 60% (natural base)
  • Free of anti-nutritional factors
  • Stable Quality Standard
  • Constant supply, without seasonality

Replaces soy bran

  • Low fiber content
  • No anti-nutritional factors

Replaces fishmeal

  • Sem qualquer dano ao desempenho
  • Melhor relação custo-benefício


Replaces animal based bran

  • Low ash ratio: Crude Protein
  • Contamination insurance

Replaces corn gluten

  • Microtoxin-free



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